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3 ways to be frugal in 2012

Being frugal this year can be simple – all you have to do is follow the top tips below on how to lead a frugal lifestyle that you can be happy with for the rest of your life.  No fax loans online is another way you can be good with money this year.  Our other frugal tips include:

1.  Buy generic food brands

While you may see Del Monte in the stores, it doesn’t mean that Del Monte juices are any better than supermarket brands. If you are looking to improve your frugality, you should start with food. Generic food brands especially when it comes to juices and water can give you the chance to make budget savings which allows you to stretch your cash further.

2.  Don’t shop at expensive clothes stores

Shopping at expensive clothes stores might be tempting because after all, we all want to look glossy and beautiful, but the price doesn’t justify the movements. In this regard, it’s important to go to pound shops and thrift stores where you can buy second hand clothes that look gorgeous but will not break the bank either. The upside to being budget with your clothes is you also save a lot of money in the long run on clothes that you can spend on other passion projects. Loans for bad credit are used by some people who need to buy clothing without breaking the bank.

3.  Look for energy savings

Most of us know that our finances could be sorted out if we would only just find the best energy savings for our gas, electricity and utility bills. Good ways of cutting down your energy bills is by using less energy and picking environmentally friendly ways. Instead of turning the heating up when it is cold, ensure that you have spare blankets and sheets that you can use in order to make savings on the energy bills that you need to cut down on. By using frugal techniques, you keep more money in your pocket.


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