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Cast an eye back to the days where men were hunters and gatherers who kept any sign of debt problems at bay and provided solely for the needs of the family. No matter how much money hubby brought home, the little wife still remained loving and contented as she tended to her brood of children and kept the house spick and span.knight

Well, those days are coming back but with a twist. At a time when men are starting to build up more of a bond with their children and wanting to spend less time at the office, women are stamping their heels down and demanding more from their men.

Women want to have their cake and eat it

As debt reaches an all time high, women are reluctant to hold down full-time careers and many are reverting to part-time. Most women would prefer not to work at all but expect their husbands to earn more money. Women these days want to stay at home and nurture the family but are not prepared to settle for scrimping and saving.

Whilst many women reluctantly contribute to a better lifestyle, they are urging their husbands to bring home bigger bucks so as they can give up work and tend to the family full-time. However, they are not prepared to settle for the worry of where the next meal will come from. Women are no longer prepared to stand by their man, whatever the cost and are putting more and more pressure on their husbands to keep them in the lap of luxury.

Unless hubby can bring home the bacon and find some perfect debt solutions, he may find himself looking for somewhere else to live as the tax and benefit system currently in place is favoured towards single parents.


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