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Students loan a must

I see student loans as a simple necessary part of being a student. It is completely acceptable among students to get the biggest loan possible in the knowing that you will just have to pay it back someday in the future. Its no big hassle, as most of us expect to be working in our desired fields on graduation. The rates are favourable and you dont have to pay it back all at once, you can literally pay it back at your leisure when your circumstances warrant being able to pay it back.

I spend my student loans on bits and pieces I need for my course, books, pens, pencils etc. It helps me with my rent and to a certain extent it subsides my rent sometimes and my student lifestyle which may or may not involve drinking on a school night. Student loans are there to give you an easy ride so why not enjoy it while you can.


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Students loan

Student loans are definitely good, as a third year student its very hard to get through all the course work, hold down a day job and pay all your bills.

Without a student loan I would not be able to keep a roof over my head as I am studying away from home. I would not be able to afford the course materials and I would be eating pot noodles seven days a week rather the three days a week I am eating them just now.

I understand that I will have to pay it back one day, but by that time I will be in a good job with a reasonable salary and I will be in a position to do so. The long term nature and the low interest rate of the loan makes this an ideal way for me to get through my studies without putting myself into a dangerous debt elsewhere.

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