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Water is running us into debt. It has been estimated that the British use at least 65,000 litres of water each year for drinking and washing.But why is our water draining our finances?Unlike gas and electricity, we are unable to switch our water supplier to a more economical provider but there is a solution to help us control the amount of water that we pay for.

Tips to stem the flow

Ask your supplier to install a water meter in your home, it is absolutely free and could save you up to £125 per year by monitoring your usage.If you live in a large house with bedrooms used as storage or have bedrooms that simply stay empty, you could make significant savings.This is because bills which are unmetered are determined on the rateable value of your home, which take into account its size.

A good debt solution for your water bills would be to use an online water calculator to see if a meter will save you money.For example, the Barton’s in Yorkshire decided to install a water meter and made some online calculations.They are hoping to save £21 a month on their water charges, which they can put towards other debt repayments.

In the unlikely event that the metered bill does not make you any savings, you can always revert back to the unmetered form of payment.There will be no additional cost for this as long as the meter is removed within twelve months.


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